Acupuncture, a growing trend in the modern world

acupuncture-656578_640With the growing interest in ancient healing traditions, there seems to be a general trend with regards to the public shying away from alopathic medicine for minor ailments. So many times we hear people are now becoming more conscious about the pharmaceutical pills they are putting into their body.

One such practice to benefit from this collective, shifting mind-set is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing, dating back to around 5,000 years. It is one of the worlds oldest known medical systems and has been used for centuries to both prevent and heal illnesses of all kinds.

It’s exact origins are unknown however, it is strongly believed that this form of medicine hails from Asia and more specifically, China where it is common practice even in hospitals and doctors surgeries.

Extraordinary Results

It has been known for many years that the Chinese use to use acupuncture as a means of anesthetic and to control the flow of blood during operations and surgical procedures. The technique of inserting tiny needles into very specific locations on the body and then applying continuous stimulation to bring about a state of temporary paralysis and at the same time, minimise the flow of blood to the area in order for the physician to perform the surgical procedure.

Today in China acupuncture is often used in hospitals to assist surgical procedures in the same way. This astounding method has been built upon and developed and acupuncturists using this technique will also send an electric current down the needle to intensify the stimulation of the points.

This method is now offered to Chinese patients for procedures as serious as open heart surgery and even open brain surgery. During these procedures, patients who opt to have acupuncture as their method of pain control as opposed to general anesthetic enjoy a recovery rate from their operation at a rate of around six weeks faster compared to patients requesting general anesthetic.

Western Appeal

Although the western world may not be as open to the idea of having acupuncture as their means of pain control for major operations, the practice of this healing art has gained wide-spread popularity in many countries including the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany, Israel and Greece to name but a few.

The use of acupuncture has also become rather trendy among several note-worthy celebrities.

A person may visit an acupuncturist for many reasons from simple back and knee pain to issues of the digestive tract, sleep disorders, stress, headaches and migraines and even infertility. Due to the stresses of modern day life, acupuncture treatment for migraines have become increasingly more popular as this if a condition often(but not always) associated with a stressful lifestyle.

With a seemingly growing number of people choosing acupuncture as a method of treatment, it’s no wonder there is also an increase in acupuncture colleges and institutions springing up in the west. Professional governing bodies have emerged to govern the industry and help to provide a high and consistent standard of training across the board. In the UK, there are now several noteworthy training facilities where one can study acupuncture; it is now no longer necessary to travel half way around the world to the Orient in order to get an education in this form of alternative medicine.

Students are all trained in house in the colleges own training clinic, where local members of the public come to have treatment from the students while under the supervision of their teachers.

While there have been several colleges in the UK that have come and gone over the years, ICOM is one acupuncture college that is going from strength to strength each year as it continues to attract students from all over the world.

Scientific Studies

Acupuncture has been under constant scrutiny since it’s introduction in the West around sixty years ago. Although studies are consistently being conducted in China, scientists in the West are also wanting to conduct their own experiments using different means. One of the most impressive studies of the use of acupuncture is with he use of thermography to recored the level of inflammation before, during and after an acupuncture treatment and subsequent sessions, as shown in this video below.


Acupuncture is certainly a fascinating subject and seems to have a large amount of credence behind it. With a large portion of the modern world adopting this method of healing as the norm, it seems like acupuncture is here to stay.

You may not be as trusting as the Chinese to opt to have the treatment as part of a surgical operation however, keeping an open mind and trying the treatment for a minor ailment such as back pain, headache or irritable bowel syndrome may very well stand you in good stead.