8 Foods You Should Definitely Avoid For Good Health & Effective Weight Management

four cheese burgersMany people are wanting to eat more healthy now a days, but it can sometimes be difficult to tell the good foods from the bad if no one has told us what we should be eating and what we should be avoiding. The danger is that many foods that are actually bad for us are packaged and marketed as healthy options or at least, they are made to appear that way.

Here is a list of some foods that you definitely want to avoid.

Bad foods


For a long time, margarine was actually touted as a healthy alternative to butter however, it is actually far worse for us and many countries have started to ban margarine being sold. Margarine contains loads of trans fats, which is a type of unsaturated and is only produced artificially. Too much trans fats in a persons diet has been linked to coronary heart disease, Alzheimer’s diseased, various forms of cancer, diabetes, liver dysfunction, obesity, female infertility, depression and various behavioural disorders.

Processed Meats

Studies have shown that there is a link between processed meets and an early death.  Processed meats are now suspected to lead to various life threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Processed meats contain a high amount of salt and lots of chemicals such as meat glues that are partially responsible for the severe health risks.

Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks have been found to not only be very high in sugar, causing rapid weight gain but they also contribute to diabetes and alter the growth and structure of our muscles. Not only this, but there is also now evidence that these drinks can increase hypertension, heart disease and liver failure.


A high consumption of caffeine can lead to high blood pressure and also put extra stress and pressure on your kidneys and adrenal glands. Caffeine also causes the body to become dehydrated. Coffee is notorious for its caffeine content and now a study conducted in partnership with the Mayo Clinic showed a link to early death for people drinking 4 cups or more of coffee per day, increasing their mortality rate by 21%.

As if that alone wasn’t enough to make you think twice before having a caffeinated beverage, caffeine consumption has now also been linked to attacks of gout, incontinence, insomnia, indigestion, headaches, type 2 diabetes, female infertility, more severe menopausal symptoms and more forceful contractions of the heart.

some white breadWhite bread/white flour

White bread and flour is high in empty carbs that can cause a sharp spike in your blood sugar. Not only that but it also turns to fat very quickly in your system. It is far better for you to go for brown bread and whole grains instead. White bread also contains a protein called gluten. Once ingested, the gluten affects the walls of our intestines and causes significant damage that can lead to intestinal pain, inconsistent stools, bloating and excessive tiredness. Studies have now also shown a link between whole wheat and heart disease.


Contrary to popular belief, breakfast cereals are definitely not healthy or good for us! The process by which breakfast cereals are produced is called extrusion. This process destroys pretty much all the nutritional value and also renders various amino acids as toxic, which can damage our system.

Ready meals

Ready meals and microwave meals are really bad for us! Due to their processing, pretty much all the natural vitamins and minerals in the food have be altered or destroyed. To compensate, the ready meal companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals but these are not as good for us as natural vitamins and minerals and they are also not so easily absorbed by our bodies. Besides this, these meals are also full of chemicals to unnaturally preserve the food for longer, enhance the colour, flavour etc. These meals are also full of added sugar, salt and fat.

Added to this, once these meals are put in the microwave or oven in their plastic packages, as they heat up the plastic containers begin to leach more chemicals into the food, which is also very toxic to our health.

some artificial sweetenerArtificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are purely chemicals and can damage our nervous system and alter our taste buds. They are far worse for us than sugar. There have now been studies conducted that show that artificial sweeteners can actually increase your appetite, causing you to eat more. One very common artificial sweetener is Aspartame. Aspartame is in many ‘diet’ products but research has shown that it has a whole host of nasty side effects including, seizures, hallucinations and even brain tumours.

There are several other artificial sweeteners all with their own host of scary side effects. To read more about why you definitely should not be using these products, click here.