Alternative Healthcare

drugsIt is becoming increasingly popular now a days that more and more people are turning to what are known as ‘alternative’ or ‘complimentary’ health care. This could partly be due to the global consciousness making a shift to a more health and body conscious way of thinking and shying away from the often harsh and side-effect ridden pharmaceuticals often prescribed by a general practitioner.

This collective awakening to a more holistic approach to our health has seen a steady and noticeable increase in the use of such practices including homeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, kinesiology and hypnotherapy to name but a few.

With this in mind, it seems that more people are now willing to try ‘natural’ methods of healing first and foremost before they would decide to pop a pill.

Is this a good thing?

Certainly, considering the side affects that  come along with many prescription drugs, it would be advisable for one to consider more carefully what they are putting into their mouth. If you read the paper slip enclosed with prescription medications regarding the potential side effects of the products you may be shocked and a little scared by what you read.

Should people be turning away from prescription drugs completely then? The answer is no, absolutely not. In many cases it is of course necessary to take these drugs, albeit their side effects. If a person were to be suffering from a serious or life-threatening condition then of course they will need to be under strict observation from their doctor and other healthcare specialists and following their guidance with regards to their treatment.

However, there are also many conditions not necessarily deemed as life-threatening that can potentially be treated very effectively with natural means, affording the person to avoid many potentially dangerous side affects of drugs that may be a rather exaggerated solution.

It is for these kind of ailments that people are generally starting to seek alternative help with. If a person can experience relief or even a cure to their symptoms through natural means then all the better.


Popularity brings scientific testing

This global phenomenon of increased popularity in Complimentary and alternative healthcare (CAM) has been attracting the spotlight of scientists, researchers and skeptics. Many of these tests have shown encouraging evidence that the various CAM practices under scrutiny do in fact carry some weight in an effective capacity, whereas others have either brought back inconclusive or unimpressive results.

However, with the rapid advancement of modern day science, researchers are more frequently proving the effectiveness of many of the alternative practices that come under the microscope.


If your condition is not life-threatening and you are more than a little concerned about the potential side effects of the pills that are prescribed for your condition, then perhaps you may wish to consider a more natural solution to your condition.

When looking for a suitable method of natural treatment however, be sure to do your due diligence and research the methods in question. Look for note worthy studies that have been carried out concerning your aliment that have yielded successful results. Furthermore, when it comes to choosing a practitioner of your chosen discipline to administer the treatment for you, be also sure to check into their credentials. Make sure they are fully qualified and registered with their appropriate governing body and carry the appropriate and necessary licenses and insurance certificates before getting on their table.